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Sunday, October 23, 2005

What's in store for you

Hello to all my listeners and readers. I wanted to take a brief moment and apologize for taking so long on putting up another podcast. I am working on setting up the interview for the next show. I am happy to announce that on the next show I will be playing a great song by singer/songwritter Pat Brown. He is an amazing musician. I am also in the process of changing jobs myself, so my free time lately has been devoted to training for my new job. The new podcast is coming very soon, and I know it is going to be incredible.



Blogger podcastpaul said...

Looking forward to hearing it James!

It would be great if you could just put an MP3 link into the commentary so folks can just download directly from your site rather than go through the rigmorol of Itunes or any other prgramme.

Would that be possible? Have alook at my blogpage - you'll see I do that, it's surprising how many folks download directly from site.



12:26 AM


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